Monday, October 15, 2018

Simple Tech Support Solutions

 Has your system crashed? Did you just lose your important business data?

Unfortunately, these things happen making your life stressful and keep you from running your business. At Network Services Group, LLC. we have spent the last 17 years providing businesses professional tech support in Ann Arbor and surrounding communities.

To prevent problems from stopping your business, three key areas you should focus on are:

Secure Your Data – Backup Your Data – Use Quality Hardware

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Local, Friendly, Tech Support in Ann Arbor and Surrounding Areas 

If you’re in the need of expert tech support in Ann Arbor or surrounding communities, Network Services Group is ready to help. Contact Us or give us a call today at 877-815-6974.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Simple Solutions For Tech Support Headaches

If your system has crashed or you’ve lost your data or a virus has infected your hardware – your business is at a dead stop.

At Network Services Group, LLC. we’ve spent the last 17 years helping business solve their tech support troubles with a wide range of services.

Make Sure Your Data Is Secure

Simple virus protection software is great, but a dedicated firewall and a secure router are a lot better.

Backup Your Data

We don’t mean save it to your hard drive. You’re going to want a multi-generational backup system in place with additional off-site backups.

Top Computer Hardware & Workstations

Out of the box is easy, but it isn’t always best. If your hardware fails your business consider custom-built - designed specifically for your needs.

These three areas are key to preventing major tech support headaches. For more details Click Here to read the full article.

Local, Friendly, Tech Support in Ann Arbor and Surrounding Areas

If you need dedicated professional tech support, we can help. At Network Services Group we offer custom solutions designed to solve your tech support troubles and fit your budget. Give us a call at 877-815-6974 today.

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